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I am married with kids. I love my wife. I really do. But I cannot help having the interest and the fetish that I do. I like younger girls. And I have for a long time now. My wife stopped being intimate a long time ago, aside of when she wanted it, or felt like doing something. And when it happens, it’s typically her getting what she wants, and me expecting to be done as quickly as possible. I just don’t get it. But years ago, I gave up trying to figure it out.

I don’t want to be judged, but I guess you can say what you want, because you don’t know me, and you aren’t living my shoes. But when this started happening, I had a first experience that changed my outlook and my life. I found out that my step daughter’s friend had actually watched my wife and I have sex one rare night we did. She saw the entire thing from start to finish. About an hour after my wife went to work, my kids (who were a lot younger at the time) were in the back room sleeping, where they had been hanging out and playing.

My step daughter’s friend came onto me that night. At the time, I was in my mid 30’s, and she was in high school. I had never done anything with a girl that age before, especially not being married. But honestly, the way she approached it, I was scared, but she made me feel like she wouldn’t tell anyone or say anything. She admitted to me that she’d watched the whole thing, and she was sexually into me, and had never slept with an older guy, but she wanted to experiment with me.

While my kids were sleeping in the other room, my step daughter’s friend and I, after I’d had a short round of sex with my wife about 2 hours earlier, experimented, and had an amazing sexual encounter that lasted almost an hour. She wasn’t that “old” but she knew enough of what to do, and she knew how to do it, even if she was a bit awkward about it. When we were in my room, we ended up having sex in my wife and my bed. I did things with her that I hadn’t done with my wife in a long time. Was I guilty about it after? Yes. But was I guilty about it during? No. I had tried for years with my wife to make it work. And I simply got nowhere.

When this first encounter happened, it involved her wanting me to kiss her, to do oral on her, and full on sex. My wife and I didn’t use birth control, so I had no protection in the house. I took a huge risk, considering my step daughter’s friend confided in me, she’d been on the pill since she was 13 for cramps and for her period issues.

When I was going to have an orgasm, after I’d done things with her, she told me that she would let me do it inside her. I didn’t feel comfortable, even having sex with her without a condom, so when I was ready to finish, I pulled out and I did it on her, all across her stomach and on her boobs.

When I got done, we actually laid in my bed, and talked for a few minutes. We went into the bathroom to get cleaned up, and we talked later. The next morning, we talked quietly when the kids were getting around. And honestly, even considering the significant age difference, it was incredibly amazing intimate experimental sex that attracted me to younger girls.

I guess you can call it what you want. But I don’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. I have never asked someone, or pushed or convinced. It has always been mutual, but it’s not a one-time thing. It’s something I have enjoyed. And have done it multiple times with different girls that like me, enjoy my personality, the no strings attitude, and the fact that I am experimental, and like kinky things.

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I want any one who believes in God to get cancer and die in pain. I mean, it is so pathetic and abominable to me that any person could be so stupid to believe that shit.

All you sad, God-fearing brainwashed simpletons that think you are so special because God ‘chose’ you; God gave you these gifts, like your fucking meaningless life, or he (yes HE, you think God is a HE you complete imbecile) helped you beat the other guy/girl who also believes in God at your chosen sport or occupation.
If HE did actually care about your graduation or your sporting career, whilst giving the infant children in the hospital cancer or allowing all the other atrocities go on then why the fuck would you want him around anyway?

You’re not special. He didn’t choose you. He doesn’t exist. Grow up, stroke your ego some other way and give up the security blanket.

You’re fucking the world up for the rest of us.

Yep that goes out to all of you and all your gods.

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This is kinda just like bleh. So there is a girl that I like, and have liked for years now. Her parents are super over protective and I don’t think that they will let her date right now because of a guy that was over a year ago. Her parents like me and I like her parents but I just can’t seem to muster up the balls to ask her out. A lot of people say that they think that she likes me but you never know. Now what I am getting at here is not really as much of a confession as it is just kinda seeing what people say about it. What should I do? I see her all of the time but we don’t go to the same school or anything. I just can’t stand seeing everybody else all happy with their partners and I just kinda sit unnoticed. And I like her so much! Just anybody and everybody, any advice?

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Okay, not as deep or guilty as some of the others on this site, but.. here goes;
I’m a massive classic rock fan. Like, obsessive. I can name release dates and band members for everything I like, and full lyrics. I have an arrogant attitude towards ‘modern’ music that I’ll admit I picked up from my parents. I’m only about 18, so it’s normal that that sticks. And that it changes, too. But I’m currently addicted to listening to Uptown Funk on repeat, and I’m not sure what to do about it.
Feel free to call this whimsical or totally useless. I understand. But this is sort of the beginnings of a personality crisis for me. And I needed to get it out.
Thanks, Internet!

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My boyfriend is a fucking idiot. Stop trying to act like you’re so smart and just tell me the exact same thing I had already figured out 10 minutes ago.

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I think about killing myself every day. I don’t know how much longer I can make it through. I asked God to send me a partner, but I’ve got no one and I didn’t believe in God anyways. I don’t want to hurt anyone but some days are so much pain that thinking of killing myself is all I do. I just want to be a little happy and a lot loved. I can’t stand this lonely emptiness much longer.

I’m middle-aged, and married with two wonderful children. My wife stopped being intimate with me after our 2nd child was born about two years ago. Since then life has been a struggle for us for various reasons. I’ve been drinking more than normal, and going out a lot more than I should, while still spending quality time with my wife and kids. I’ve met a few women that I would like to get to know better, but struggle with cheating on my wife, and don’t want my kids to think their father is a cheater. At the same time, I love my wife, but I know I can’t have the cake and eat it too. As a person with few friends that I hang out with on a regular basis, I don’t see my friends so often that I can share such a conversation with them. While I want my wife and kids to be happy, is it ok for me to be happy too? Right now, I feel miserable because of the infidelity I feel In my heart, although I have not acted upon my desires.

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Why won’t you talk to me?

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I love my boyfriend, but he is a pussy a lot of times. He is terrified of spiders. Not just in person. He will scream like a little girl if he sees them on TV or online too. And he’s scared of heights. I would never be able to get him onto an aerial tram. He’s even uneasy about flying (though he can do that). Just, I wish he was a bit more manly.

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I have two std’s I am addicted to escorts I just fucked up the front of my car I’m in a dead end job polishing stainless steel I am just going down hill I wanna turn my life around and get help but I’m afraid of what my family might think or my friends will find out no one knows I don’t know what to do I feel like I can’t truly love someone I have no feeling of love anymore I’m afraid I’m going to hurt myself …..

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I’m your average middle-aged, married with kids guy. I’m not attractive at all. I’m honestly surprised I got a woman to marry me.

I’m a teacher, and most of my coworkers are women. And I am friends with a lot of my student’s mothers, since they are mostly stay-at-home moms (it’s a rich neighborhood), and they walk their children to class every day.

I’m also Facebook friends with all of my coworkers and the mothers from the school.

It was cold this morning, so on my way to work I posted on my Facebook status that, “At least my butt was warm, thanks to the heated seats on my new car.”

When I got to school, between my car and my classroom, one of my coworkers, and one of the room parents who saw the post, asked if they could touch my butt to see how warm it was. I told them they could, only if I could touch theirs. And they both did not hesitate to let me do that.

Throughout the day, almost every woman I met said something about my butt being hot. I honestly have never been flirted with before, so I wasn’t sure how to handle it.

I hope this keeps up. I feel popular for the first time in my life.

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I watched porn. Lord change my heart and heal me of this infirmity

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What do you want?

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I cheated on my husband. Not kissing or having sex, but just as bad.

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