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I was molested when I was 10 years old. And now I’m 30 and I haven’t told anyone about it until now. I’m a male in a Third World country. And I can’t really talk to anyone about it and it’s eating me up from inside

Category: truth

I think I drank too much and spent too much time alone after thanksgiving. I think it put me down a little bit more than I was expecting.

I literally spent almost two entire days alone in my house doing nothing but drinking hard liquor and chain smoking cigarettes while watching netflix alone – while my wife and child were out of town after thanksgiving visiting relatives.

I never get any alone time anymore, so somehow I ended up spending all of mine finishing off one bottle of alcohol after another.

I think drinking might be making me more depressed.

Do things like this happen to anyone else?

Category: dream

Im feeling down today..

Its like the pre-holiday blahs…

But its not nearly as dark or as grey as I have felt around the times of other holidays

Still, I think I was maybe ever so slightly more optimistic about the holidays and everything else this time last year than I am now.

Anyone else have the pre-holiday Blues?

Category: wild experience

I’ve been so depressed for days… the reason: I took pictures of myself with an Ipad and I appeared so disproportioned I wanted to die. Today I’ve taken pictures with my phone and I appear well proportioned, only I should go to the gym a little. Thank god. I’m almost crying.

Now I have to buy a camera to have a third opinion.

Really, I am really disappointed with the Ipad, not only for the camera. Apps that terminate unexpectedly, slow. Really, not worth the money.

Category: dream

Sure free healthcare is great, but I won’t be able to get any treatment for my depression and suicidal thoughts until next year because the waiting list is so long. I’m living (if you call hardly ever leaving my room, let alone leaving my apartment living) in fear that when I get really low again I’ll decide to kill myself. I had to take an indefinite leave of absence from college because I couldn’t do anything and I wanted to get a job but now I can’t leave my apartment. I have Zoloft that I’ve been taking for a month but I think it’s stopped helping. It was helping a lot 2 weeks ago, I was so happy and productive and now I’m apathetic and depressed again. I either sleep for upwards of 15 hours or not at all. There’s no discernable pattern in my mood swings (much like before I started taking my meds) or my sleep schedule. Last night I had a meltdown and wrote a suicide note on my laptop. Today when I read it I was absolutely mortified. It was legitimately terrifying, I think I might have lost touch with reality. I mean, I’ve written suicide notes in the past but this one was fucked up. I was convinced that everyone I’ve ever met (even people I’ve passed on the street or talked to at the store) is plotting against me, and they can all hear my thoughts, and that there are cameras planted everywhere so they can watch me. Basically I was convinced that my whole life was made up, everything was orchestrated and everyone in my life is a part of it. I couldn’t work out why, but my top 2 were entertainment and scientific experiment. The only way I would be able to escape is to mutilate myself and die horrifically. I’m honestly terrified, because I know none of that is true but I can sort of see where I was coming from. God.. I feel like I’m going to throw up.

Category: dream

Dating gives me so much anxiety. I think I’m going to stop.

Category: dream

My Life is Over. Please list things that are socially unnacceptable.
Paedophilia, child molestation, rape, women beating, Masturbation even though I have random intrusive thoughts, beastiality homosexuality , not so much but either way its on the list. please list any other.

Category: wild experience

I am so depressed living in squaller and mess and illness. I never thought my life would sink this low. no one really likes me, men never love me the way I want them to. I need a huge healthy and clean change

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I tell everyone that I’m not religious and I tell my parents that I’m Christian so they don’t disown me. But really, I practice a unique religion that my grandmother taught me.

Category: truth

i want to die i just do but i cant cause im to scared im tired of living and going throught life like a motion i dont even know if i csn cry anymore

Category: wild experience

artistic ejaculation.

Category: truth

I was walking and I told myself one day I will be doing music full time and I as I walked through the ATM, a guitar pick was on the floor.

I believe in my WHOLE HEART.
I will be a musician FULL TIME, no more 9-5 jobs.
I will travel the world, write music, write music for artists.
I will be a legendary guitarist…

I am.

Category: wild experience

For about 3 years I’ve been the lover of my best friend’s mom. As far as I know, no one has a clue of what’s going on.
I know it’s messed up. I do alright with girls my age, but none of them even come close. She’s so experienced, the sex is mind-blowing, so smart and sexy too. We started when I was 20, she’s somewhere around her mid-fifties. I’ve tried to stop but, damn, she’s just so hot… Best fuck I’ve ever had and possibly ever will.

Category: truth

I hate myself and my life and if I didn’t have kids, I would like to kill myself.

Category: pain

Period cramps AND diarrhea AT THE SAME TIME… worst pain I’ve felt in a long while!..

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