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Hello Everyone,

This is to let you know that we’re almost done with the updates. ETA should be by end of this week. If more time is needed, we will update you accordingly.

Thank you for your patience and kindly note that we’re not affiliated in anyway to the simply confess page @

We’ve also removed all comments and posts that contain “links”, “gifs”, and anything else that would be harmful to the site.

PS: A new site design with a mobile friendly version will be launched soon as well.

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We are sorry for the inconvenience but we are currently under maintenance. will allow you to confess very soon as we’re adjusting some settings due to some loser out there spamming the site.

Posting a confession will be disabled but in the mean time, you can help and support others by commenting on their confessions.

We thank you as the site wouldn’t be successful without you and I’m happy to see that a lot are feeling good by letting it out which has always been the goal.

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It hurts that you don’t even fucking want to talk to me. I am low. You got that right. But not as low as you. For someone who expects nothing- who wants nothing but truth from you and expects you to be nothing, you got nothing to say? Fuck you. That’s how it’s going to end.

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I masturbate a lot. And sometimes I don’t wash my hands.

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Somebody tell the admin, please.

Category: a guilt, Other

i had sex with a prostitute today. i never thought and doubted that i would ever pay for sex

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how boring of a person do you gotta be to sit around and post the same spam over and over

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I’m starting to get fond of this enns…

Category: a truth, Other

I hate people who comment hate on the confessions. If i post a oonfession asking for advice i check it and see “Piece of shit you dumb fuck” it doesn’t help my self esteem at all. You want to be a dick? Fine. Just dont do it on this site

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I feel so undesirable. It doesn’t make sense. I get hit on and checked out, often. I get complimented by both sexes. I even get told that I’m pretty by my excessively critical, brutally honest mom. So, I mean, I’m pretty. I have a good body. Big breasts. Hourglass shape. Yet??? I am always insecure and feel undesirable. I need constant validation of my attractiveness. I don’t know why.

I wanna fuck Alexis.

I still have hope, which is truly amazing.

Category: a lie, Other

A guy I have a crush on told my best friend he had a crush on her, I acted like I was happy for her and joked about ship names, but to be honest… I cried all weekend.

Category: a pain, Other

All the guys I have crushes on, they’re all unattainable.

Category: a guilt, Other

I watched gay porn again,MEH

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