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I want you so badly.

I want to feel your lips rolling harder and deeper against mine,
I want your arms holding me close to you so our bare skin is sticking to eachother,
I want your hands to travel down onto my butt and massage it while you push me closer to you,
I want you to throw your head back and groan while I kiss your neck.

I want you to lead a trail of kisses on me from my mouth to my neck, down my shoulders, across my chest, lingering there for a while. Past my stomach and down my abdomen and lingering deeply between my legs.

I want you to make my moan and whimper while I clutch and massage your dark hair in one hand, while you move your tongue all around my sweetest spots.
I want you to make me cry out in ecstasy and see stars while you massage my hips and push your tongue in deeper.

I want to see you lean back over me and kiss me deeply and passionately.
Then lean next me ear and in that husky sexy voice of yours whisper “I love you”

I want to relive the first time you did all that to me

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You – not even remotely’re so fucking boring.
You – same..I like your musical inclination but, meh.
You – you’re in love with me and the sex is fucking out of this world. I could probably love you too. But you freak me out.
You – you were the only one to ever break my heart. Now I let you back into my life but I feel nothing of what I felt before. I can’t wait to use you the way you used me. Better person my ass.
You – I genuinely like you. I could see this.

Too many people want to date me, or fuck me. What the heck happened? I always felt so ugly… Now I am flattered and overwhelmed, so appreciative of this attention. But I must work to be beautiful on the inside.

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I had this exotic women in my kitchen.

She was / is so gorgeous.

This was a first for me.

The situation.

But one thing lead to another and I had her naked
up on next to the sink , bare bottom on the tile, as I rammed her good and hard. The windows were frosted. But I think the neighbors knew what we where up to.

After the sink, I practically flung her all over the place in the kitchen, Pleasuring her.
Then I just lifted her into my arms and took her some more in the bed room

Doing it that way was a first for me. And it will forever be a fond memory.

OMG , her firm trim body is sooooo exotic and luscious . Those big bed room eyes and long long black hair, reaching down to the middle of her back.
I am constantly trying to make her understand that I love her not just for her awesome body and the tremendous sex.

I do love her for her sweet wonderful self.

But Dang. She has everything I need and could ever want.

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A dream / a wish

I want all the the wall street people out of office. Out of our Government.
I want them dead.

I want to see them and all those who have supported them, and have allowed them to ruin this country to die
all at once. Die die die.

All of them. Including the enabler career politicians that have given them our freedoms . Plus have taken and ruined so many families through their practices of cheating the public, taking trillions, destroying our industries, destroying / killing all for their bottomless pit of a bottom line. DEAD. I want them dead.

Dead – dead – dead. all of them. at once on the spot. Now , I want them dead. I want to see them dead.

I want all those colleges that breed and cultivate these heinous two faced shits’ to be run into the ground. Burned down. blasted apart.

This will never happen of course. And they know it.

As they laugh and continue to kill.

They smile and spin their little spidery webs and smile and with their oh so fake friendly cordially manipulating twisting ways, they continue.
Their are no sides. They play both sides in this game. and to them your life and pain is a F-ing game.

Like out of a movie , My wish is to see all those evil vile people destroyed on the spot where they stand by a lightning bolt. Burned to a crisp. hissing and screaming as they go. All of them.

The Corporates Dead

The corporate bankers Dead

The wall streeters Dead

The career politicians Dead.

All those that have propped them up and have enabled them…Dead.


I want them dead.

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I don’t know how to form meaningful connections with people. All of my relationships barely go past the surface.

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I generally don’t think of myself as someone with good self discipline but I always forget about how I quit cutting myself last year just like that and how I cold turkey stopped smoking about a month ago. I guess money factors into that one because I was just too damn poor to buy any more cigarettes but I could have bummed one from a friend. Maybe I don’t have a really addictive personality. I mean I still miss both of those things from time to time but I have them blocked off in my head as a no-go and I guess that just works for me. I wish it were that easy for everyone :/

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Holy fuk! I decided to chew up my Zoloft pill instead of swallowing w water like I usually do. Immediately like I’d just put gasoline in my fricken mouth. They should put a warning on this! Nauseous going to puke.

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I’m so glad this site is back up. Does anyone know why it goes down so often?

6 years ago i promised my sister, who was my bestfriend i would never date this guy. we ended up dating for and because of this… it not only ruined the relationship of my sister and I, but the relationship with my family and friends. The reason why nobody wanted me with this dude was because he was raped as a young kid which changed him physically and mentally and he was scared of his sexuality so he made the wrong decision of having sex with many girls and using them. But then he ran into me and he screwed up once by cheating on me. it took me two months to completely put it behind me. He’s my bestfriend and now my fiance. Im just having hesitant moments because i mean….. my family…. my sister…. my old friend said this guy was not the one before i even met him. and i know people change but……. everyone says “Parents know best” if i were to marry this one guy, my family will not be happy for they hate him with a passion.

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I just got everything I spent five years working for.

But now I feel as though I’m abandoning my friends and family to fulfill this dream.

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When I was age 7, I was depressed over the anxiety I was feeling that my family might figure out I was looking porn on the laptop. I even thought about running away from home… Yes, I was 7

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I want to fuck my teacher so badly. Im in love with him. Now that im on spring break idk what ill do w/o him. I already miss his voice…his touch…his smell… his mouth

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I am so lonely now….its hurting me all over.

i feel really guilty about this but then at the same time i’m glad it happened because it was amazing

A few days ago i had sex with my best friend’s sister then later that day i had sex with his girlfriend but we forgot to use a condom (was quite drunk) i came inside her so now we’re scared she’s pregnant

While having sex with my boyfriend i started singing the Perry the Platypus theme song.

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